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Steubenville Atlanta

July 7th - July 9th, 2017


Join thousands of Catholic teens from all over the United States this July! Live music, nationally acclaimed speakers and a whole lot of fun and dynamic sessions. This is one of the best events we attend each year. We will attend each session at the Infinite Energy Solutions Center (formerly Gwinnett Convention Center)

We will be staying in a hotel by the Convention Center. Teens will need to be dropped off on Friday and picked up on Sunday. We will be walking to and from the Convention Center and hotel for sessions.

There are scholarship spots available. Please fill out the form for the Steubenville Conference Scholarship and submit it by May 15 to be considered. Please contact Bridget, the youth minister, with any other financial needs (, 770-530-7422).

Alpha helper 2

Alpha Volunteer September 2017...Voluntario de Alpha Septiembre 2017

September 9th - December 9th, 2017

We have the following positions that are necessary to make each Alpha session happen. If you have never volunteered before, we will train you for the specific positions. Course Leaders, Host and Helpers can choose either a 1 day training experience on Saturday, August 26th from 9a-3p or 2 session training on Tuesday, September 5th and Wednesday, September 6th from 6:30p-9p. There is a need for all kinds of skills and experience to make Alpha happen!

Tenemos disponibles las siguientes posiciones, necesarias para que sea posible realizar cada sesión de Alpha. Los líderes de Curso, Anfitriones y Ayudantes pueden escoger tener 1 día de entrenamiento el sábado, 26 de agosto de 9am a 3pm o un entrenamiento en 2 sesiones el martes 5 de septiembre y el miercoles 6 de septiembre de 6:30pm a 9 pm. Aun si nunca ha sido voluntario antes, tenemos entrenamiento para cada posición específica y hay oportunidades para todo tipo de experiencias y habilidades.

Course Leader...Líder de Curso

Provides support and instruction to the small group hosts and helpers of their course. The course leaders are timekeepers and facilitate each Alpha Course. Course leaders pray for their hosts, helpers and guests. The weekly time commitment is three hours.

Brinda apoyo e instruye a los anfitriones y a los ayudantes de los grupos pequeños de su curso. Los líderes de curso controlan el tiempo y facilitan la realización de cada sesión de Alpha. Los líderes de curso oran por sus anfitriones, ayudantes e invitados. El compromiso es de 3 horas a la semana.

Small Group Host...Anfitrión de un Grupo Pequeño

Keeps the conversation rolling during each session and ensures the small group is a safe place for guests to share openly. The format is not teacher and pupil, but rather host and guest and requires someone who will pray for their helper and guests. The weekly time commitment is three hours.

Mantiene activa la conversación durante cada sesión y asegura que el grupo sea un lugar seguro donde los invitados puedan compartir abiertamente. El formato no es el de profesor y estudiante, sino el de anfitrion e invitado, y requiere de alguien que ore por su ayudante e invitados. El compromiso es de 3 horas a la semana.

Small Group Helper...Ayudante de un Grupo Pequeño

Provides support to small group host during each session and prays regularly for their the host and guests. The small group helper offers radical hospitality for guests week after week. The weekly time commitment is typically three hours.

Brinda apoyo al anfitrión del grupo pequeño durante cada sesión y ora con regularidad por su líder e invitados. Ofrece una hospitalidad radical a los invitados semana tras semana. El compromiso es típicamente de 3 horas a la semana.

Worship Team Member...Adorador

Enjoys worshiping God, both individually and in the church context. He or she should be able to play a lead instrument to reasonable standards and have a strong singing voice with good intonation. Even and consistent rhythmic ability is essential. The weekly time commitment is typically 1.5 hours.

Siente gozo adorando a Dios, tanto individualmente como en el contexto de la iglesia. Idealmente debe tocar un instrumento musical dentro de estándares razonables y tener buena voz con buena entonación. La capacidad para mantener un buen ritmo es esencial. El compromiso es de 1.5 horas a la semana.

Alpha Server....Servidor

Assists setting tables and helps prepare food and beverages for guests. A server welcomes and serves guests, cleans dishes and the kitchen during and after each weekly session. The weekly time commitment is typically three hours.

Ayuda a alistar las mesas, la comida y las bebidas para los invitados. Le dá la bienvenida a los invitados, les sirve la comida y bebidas, y ayuda a limpiar los platos y la cocina, durante y después de la sesión de Alpha. El tiempo de compromiso semanal es de 3 horas generalmente.

Nursery Volunteers... Ayudante de la Guardería

Help with taking care of and having fun with our youngest parishioners during an Alpha session with our Nursery staff!

Ayuda a cuidar y entretener a nuestros feligreses más jóvenes durante las sesiones de Alpha, en conjunto con el personal de nuestra guardería.

The A/V team...

makes sure the video is ready to play and will assist if a trouble shooting is needed.